About Us

CLI is a values-based organization whose vision is to support full and meaningful lives. We do this by partnering with others to build inclusive communities focused on the collective, and we utilize a set of values to define our business practices and standards of operation. To understand CLI, you must first understand our Vision, Mission, and Values, as well as our steadfast commitment to the common good for all.


Our Vision

Vision is the description of what we as an organization aim to achieve, and serves as a clear guide for intentional action. This is who we are, and what we aspire to do.

The innovative leader in building vibrant and inclusive communities, Community Link, Incorporated, empowers full and meaningful lives of those we serve.


Our Mission

Mission is our core purpose which helps define what is important to us and provides a sense of focused direction.

We proactively partner with others to build a shared vision of long-term care that offers the people we serve choice, connections, and dignity fostering full participation in communities.

Values are defined as a set of principles or ideals that are important, lasting, and shared by a collective.

Our Values:

artnership:  We work collaboratively with stakeholders to accomplish more than the sum of our parts.  We team with others through shared ownership of risks and benefits.

espect:  We treat others as we wish to be treated: honoring differences, listening actively, and responding promptly and with care.

nnovation:  We are forward-thinking; we search for proactive, bold, new and creative solutions.  Through leadership and continuous improvement, we enhance the quality of care.

ntegrity:  We consistently hold ourselves accountable by doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it.

evelopment:  We pursue continuous individual and organizational learning.  We learn from experience and share new knowledge.

xcellence:  We are exceptional communicators.  We are responsible stewards of resources.  We exceed the expectations of those we serve and our business partners.

While all our values are important, one is especially relevant as it relates to our work with you. Partnership is about the connection between two or more people who work in collaboration and cooperation toward a shared set of goals. Our central goal is to support individuals and the communities we call home. We do this by focusing our efforts on a philosophy that honors both the individual and the collective: Commonunity®.

Commonunity® is Community Link, Inc.

More specifically, Commonunity® is CLI’s approach to everything we do. Central to our operations, Commonunity® is a trademarked model of managed care that places emphasis on the importance of full citizenship and what it means to be an active participant in everyday life. Explored through both a collective and individual approach, Commonunity® in its purest forms is described as follows:

 Commonunity® is the belief in the strengths of everyone and the commitment to support the common good for all. 

What this means for the common good:

  • It’s a way of living.
  • Partnerships with others.
  • It’s about possibilities.
  • Strengths of all enrich community.
  • It’s a belief in better.
  • Choices are honored.
  • Focus is on giving and receiving within your community.
  • Differences are accepted and valued.
  • Create a thriving place for all.

Commonunity® is a way of living which brings together the basics—connection to community, opportunity to work, a place to call “home,” ability to get where I need to go—to create the life of my choosing.                  

What this means for the individual:

  • I live the life I choose.
  • I have relationships in my community.
  • I feel like I belong.
  • I work and contribute.
  • I have access to my community.
  • I have meaningful connections.
  • I am valued.
  • I choose where I live.
  • I am responsible.
  • I am a citizen.

A focus this far-reaching and impactful requires the work of many. We cannot do this without you! Together, we can honor the individual, enhance the collective, and unify the common good for all.

Our History

Community Link, Inc. (CLI) was formed to leverage 48 collective years of experience in delivering a person-centered and community-focused approach to the Family Care program across a large portion of Wisconsin. While the name may be new, CLI is not new to long-term care. In fact, its founding organizations—Community Care Connections of Wisconsin, Western Wisconsin Cares, and ContinuUs—have been industry leaders for nearly two decades. In operation since 2000 as county pilot participants, CLI’s rich history and collective experience is time-tested, refined, and has consistently performed at the high end of MCO metrics regarding quality, cost efficiencies, and member satisfaction. With proven success in multiple expansions into new Family Care counties and service regions, robust network development, and collaborative stakeholder engagement, CLI is committed to providing continued excellence in the delivery of Family Care supports and services across Wisconsin.