For Members

Our Mission

Community Link, Inc. coordinates quality, cost-effective, and individualized long-term care supports available through Wisconsin’s Family Care program that support member strengths, needs and the development of meaningful community connections that lead to full citizenship in their communities.

Our Practice

Commonunity® is a trademarked model of managed care that places emphasis on the importance of full citizenship and what it means to be an active participant in everyday life. Explored through both a collective and individual approach, Commonunity® is described as follows:

Commonunity® is the belief in the strengths of everyone and the commitment to support the common good for all.

What this means for the common good:

  • It’s a way of living.
  • Partnerships with others.
  • It’s about possibilities.
  • Strengths of all enrich community.
  • It’s a belief in better.
  • Choices are honored.
  • Focus is on giving and receiving within your community.
  • Differences are accepted and valued.
  • Create a thriving place for all.

Commonunity® is a way of living which brings together the basics—connection to community, opportunity to work, a place to call “home,” ability to get where I need to go—to create the life of my choosing.

What this means for the individual:

  • I live the life I choose.
  • I have relationships in my community.
  • I feel like I belong.
  • I work and contribute.
  • I have access to my community.
  • I have meaningful connections.
  • I am valued.
  • I choose where I live.
  • I am responsible.
  • I am a citizen.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to supporting individuals and enhancing communities, and we are thankful for the opportunity to do just that in Adams, Florence, Forest, Oneida, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Taylor, Vilas, and Walworth counties.

To learn more about eligibility and enrolling in Wisconsin’s Family Care Program, contact your local ADRC office. You can find your local ADRC office at the following link – ADRC Office Information.